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Built by Chris Trudeau and Robert Deiss, Flashkit was created as a long-term learning platform centered around memorization via an innovative flashcard system. Fed up with trying to organize his 800+ German flashcards into piles based on how well he knew them, Chris wanted a better method.

The goal was to create a platform where the user could say: "Give me 200 flashcards, 25% drawn from the cards I get wrong the most, 25% drawn from the cards I review least often, 25% from those it's been the longest since I've reviewed, and 25% at random." Using this method, someone with the will to learn could not only introduce new material, but ensure that previously learned material is never neglected to the point of being forgotten. We also wanted to focus on large, all-encompassing flashcard collections. Most of the sites we looked at contained flashcard decks like "Vocabulary from chapter 11 review, 15 cards" from some obscure book, which didn't fit with our long-term learning vision.

We hope you find our platform as useful as we do, and don't be afraid to let us know if there's something you think can be improved!.

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Upcoming Features

Date Completed Feature
Not complete Card data categories that can be included/excluded. For example US presidents could have just the number, or number and years in office, or just years in office.
Not complete System for sharing collections, maybe sharing results also
Not complete System for users to make suggestions/comment to the owner of a collection
Not complete Rating system for collections
7/24/2016 Data linking, for example: Card 1 is a map of Europe with one country highlighted, Card 2 is the name of that country, Card 3 is the capital of that country.
4/30/2016 System for creating a sub-collection from other collection(s), so a user could focus on a small subset of a language collection etc.
4/19/2016 Basic site functionality

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